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Inspections & Maintenance


Need an inspection for a real-estate sale or to know the condition of your septic system?

The following is a list of qualified professionals recommended by Reliable Septic Services:

Shuswap Septic and Site Prep.

  • Steven Rogers, ROWP
  • 250-803-3456

Rhino Environmental Services

  • Oscar Long, ROWP
  • 250-515-2619

S.O.S. Sewerage On Site & Excavating

  • (Services North Shuswap)
  • Butch Bouchard, ROWP
  • 250-319-6933

Distribution Box & Field Maintenance

Why do you need to maintain your Distribution Box & Field?

Distribution box & field maintenance will restore and extend the life of your septic field. Over the years fine particles of solids pass through the septic tank and accumulate in the distribution box and field lines. These accumulations cause heavy bio matting, an organic build up around the field lines. Over time this build up will cause the field lines to partially plug off, which could potentially destroy your septic system.

What is the maintenance process?

A member from our experienced team will locate your distribution box with our specialized camera locating equipment. Once the box is located and exposed, the condition of the distribution box and field lines can be assessed and a course of action determined.

If service is required, Reliable Septic Services will use a high pressure line jetting system to flush the unwanted discharge back into the distribution box. All waste matter is then extracted into our septic truck. In most cases, we recommend adding an oxidizer to break down the existing bio matting material in the drain field.

With older systems, we recommend installing an effluent filter to prevent solids from passing through the septic tank. In some cases you may need to replace the distribution box. If box replacement is necessary, we recommend installing a plastic distribution box with run altering adjustment capabilities that never deteriorate.

Please contact us with any questions or if you would like to book an appointment.

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